Review from Warwickshire United Kingdom

Review from Warwickshire United Kingdom

Review from Warwickshire United Kingdom

Let me begin by saying I had previously owned an electric bike, which was a Grace MX2 Urban – Speed Pedelec variant and I’ve had some motorbike experience too, so in coming to decide on a new electric bike I was looking for something a bit spicy!

Scouring the internet I had come across some potential models from various manufacturers amongst whom were Back2Green, however the Blue XTR Special 3.1 ticked all the boxes for my needs. I wanted a bike that didn’t obviously look electric and that could handle some minor off-roading if necessary, but most of all would give over speed speed and quality. I believed with the Blue XTR Special 3.1 I would get this from a Swiss manufacturer, in a similar vane to the German quality of the Grace MX 2 Urban, but with that bike I was always wanting more speed than the Bosch set up could offer, and the price on the B2G Bike was set about right too, so the order was placed.

I have to say I found the online purchasing process painless and thereafter the contact with B2G was fantastic, but it appeared I’d have to wait a bit for the model given the pecking order on parts favoured the big players before them. I was prepared to wait and it was certainly worth it! for when the bike arrived it of course looked so much better than the images conveyed.

Naturally I was eager to get on the bike on its arrival but had to get the small assembly sorted before this could happen, this was painless enough and although the battery seemed to be charged I put it on charge for a little while just to be sure.

A little twist on the throttle immediately conveyed the strength available and I’m not exactly small at 179cm/111kg and this was on the lowest setting! Obviously I couldn’t resist though and switched up to level three and opened up the throttle, well.. to say what happened next left me pleasantly surprised would be an understatement! Really the power and speed is intoxicating!

As for the bike in general it looks fantastic and is highly equipped. It’s just right for me size-wise and it’s reasonably light for what it is, it stops quickly on the capable disc brakes, rides very comfortably with the cushion of fairly wide tyres, Rock Shox front suspension forks and Brooks saddle which will only become more comfortable as it shapes over time.

I ordered a rear rack as can be and this too is a quality item, the only failure thus far has been one of the pedals simply snapping away, luckily the fact that this is an electric bike meant that I didn’t have to pedal to get home and I’ve ordered some heavy duty Shimano pedals as replacements.

So in summary.. am I happy with the bike? Yes absolutely so and I would have no hesitation in recommending B2G to anyone in the market for a fast, high quality electric bike that’s going to give you excitement and ensure you’ll always be itching to be back out riding whenever you can and that after all is why you’d buy such a machine in the first place!

All the best
Adrian King


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